You have built a great shot. Now, let’s finish it!

Solid Advanced picks up where Solid Archery Mechanics left off.

This course takes a deep dive into the mental management of your shot. This course very specifically answers the question of how the archer can maintain control and accuracy without using a clicker or other types of release triggers. This course teaches the archer to CREATE a release generated from the subconscious level, therefore avoiding the linked bracing or uncontrolled releases that ruin accuracy.  

Tom brings unique and unparalleled insights into the entire subject of shooting without the release being triggered by an “outside” stimulus.

This will be especially helpful to those competing in competitive venues where release triggers are not allowed. In Tom’s teaching, there are no “work arounds”. The method is pure archery in unaided form. New training protocols paired with mental guidance build upon the bedrock that is Solid Archery Mechanics.

The Catbird Seat

With 20 years of experience coaching archers from every part of the country, and in his archery shop every day, Tom has gathered novel information regarding common and shared occurrences among all types of archers. 

Tom also coaches all styles of archery, including but not limited to: Barebow, Olympic Recurve, Recurve, Longbow, Compound, Self Bow, Hunting, Competition.

Tom has learned from some of the best minds in both archery and subject matter experts in complimentary fields of study. Tom's foundational knowledge starts with a Level IV USA Archery coaching certification, then expands from there.

This unique position in the archery world has put Tom in the “catbirds seat” of gathering information that he can convey to others for the betterment of the sport.

Advanced Training of Mental Management 

In the main Solid Archery Mechanics course, students learn what archery “form” is, at the basic then elite level. In the course of learning proper movements and positons from Solid Archery Mechanics, nuanced form components emerge.

Solid Advanced addresses nuanced mental management and specifically is designed to teach the archer to do it without a clicker, grip trigger, grip sere, tab sere, feather touch or any other release trigger. Some very specific brain and body functions and capabilities are explained so the archer can understand why in the end, a highly accurate “triggerless“ shot is actually very simple to produce.

Solid Advanced teaches archers how to harness brain capabilities that have not been previously described, to produce consistent and predictable shots. There have always been archers doing this, but they have never known why. Now we do.

Precision Under Pressure

Solid Advanced takes Solid Archery Mechanics on to the shooting line, addressing topics that emerge only in pressured or stressful situations.

Whether in the competition arenas or the hunting fields, the mental and physical management techniques in this course enable archers to make precision shots under pressure, on demand  

Self Diagnose

Physical and mental systems break down of their own accord, Solid Advanced offers many solutions and pathways to counter this natural pattern.

With a coach’s level of understanding, archers are able to self diagnose and correct many common occurrences.

Solid Advanced addresses topics that will inevitably emerge for archers, and offers insights and solutions as well as red flags to watch for.

This course assumes a foundational amount of knowledge in form and mechanics. It refers to form improvements, but has an ultimate goal toward very specific mental management techniques to produce highly consistent and accurate shots on demand.

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