5+ Hours of In-Depth Content

This is hands down the most comprehensive and complete traditional archery training course produced to date. From the first module, you will learn critical archery fundamentals that you can apply to your shot to see immediate results. For those who are seeking a reliable, repeatable and dependable shot process, there's simply no rival!

Complete Shot Mechanics Training

Join Tom as he instructs you through all of the physics and mechanics of executing your shot process. This is not your typical textbook course. Members will appreciate Tom's ability to break down each component of the shot into easy to understand terms and concepts that you can remember and apply.

Continuous Updates & New Content

SOLID Archery Mechanics is a living and breathing instructional course. Members will enjoy a continuous upload of fresh new modules containing additional content and archery advice.

Embedded Q&A Forums

There is an open forum within each module in the SOLID Archery Mechanics instructional course. This is a semi-live discussion directly with Tom and other students intended to go deep into the subject being discussed within the module. This forum discussion is viewable by all members and everyone can participate!

Example Curriculum

  SOLID Archery Mechanics
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  Coaching Moments - Sept 2020
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Coaching Moments - Spring 2021
Available in days
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  The Basics (NEW FOR SUMMER 2022)
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  Coaching Moments Spring 2024 - The Push Podcast Episode 279
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Richard in Washington

Tom, I just wanted to write you a short note to thank you for early access of your Solid Archery Mechanics course. It truly has kept me in the game…or, maybe more accurate, brought me back from the dead. I mean that quite literally, I was on the verge of giving up not just with my recurves and longbows, but abandoning archery altogether. 

The last several years have been fraught with failure and disappointment. While target panic and shooting form were prime suspects for my troubles, the core issue for me was shoulder pain in my bow arm.

After hearing you on The Push Archery Podcast, I reached out to you as a last ditch effort, one last try, my Hail Mary.

I dedicated myself to strictly following your detailed coaching using your Solid Archery Mechanics system. Once I recall shouting “that is freekin MAGIC”!!

Without question the most valuable outcome of following your process is zero shoulder pain, none. 

Finally, while success is not measured by animals harvested, I cannot argue with the results of my hunts since completing the Solid Archery Mechanics course. Thank you so much for finally bringing something to market that will genuinely benefit so many archers, from the brand new to the crusty old seasoned bowhunters like myself.

You just extended my traditional archery life by many years.

"Before finding Tom, I thought I had fairly decent form. I believed I had a solid stance right through to a deadly release. After a while though, I realized quite a few muscles weren't feeling very good. Every draw of my bow was becoming harder, more uncomfortable and stiffer.

That is when I heard about Tom Clum Sr. This guy completely flipped my form on it's head, for the better, from the other side of the world! Now I can pull that string back to anchor every time knowing exactly what my body is doing, why it's doing it, how to change my movements to suit my body for any number of reasons and most importantly, self-evaluate mid shot to better myself each and every arrow. I've never felt so stable holding a bow at full draw before."

Michael Rodden, Australian Bowhunter

"When I look back at myself as an archer, prior to meeting Tom Clum, it never ceases to amaze me how little I knew about proper archery mechanics. Tom's knowledge and coaching has taken my shooting to a whole new level of understanding... The Solid Archery Mechanics course is what the archery community has been missing for a very long time."

Matt ZirnsakThe Push Archery

"This is pure gold. Being able to have anytime access to an almost "virtual clinic" with Tom Clum is an invaluable resource. Solid form and shot process are just as important in the woods as they are on the target range. Use this course to pick apart your archery shot literally from the ground up to ensure you're shooting to the best of your ability, and to avoid shoulder injuries that often plague older archers. This course is the most important piece of equipment you'll add to your arsenal this year."

Tim Nebel, The Push Archery

- Who is Tom Clum Sr-

Tom is a Level IV archery coach, certified through USA Archery. As a bowhunter of 40+ years Tom's passion is to bring high level, proven archery techniques into the bowhunting world, and more specifically, the traditional bowhunting world. Tom has gone through every shooting method and every form of target panic in his archery career, constantly seeking out shooting knowledge in order to increase his chances in the field. Not until he took a Level II shooting course did he start to find the real answers he was looking for. Finally! Distilling and delivering that knowledge to the everyday Joe Bowhunter is now his mission.